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We currently only ship to the UK and we use Royal Mail for all our deliveries. we strongly recommend choosing 'signed for' postage for all parcels but especially those with valuable crystals to ensure they can be tracked. we will provide a tracking number on your shipping notification. we are unable to refund any orders that go missing whilst in transit.

prices dependant on weight and will be calculated at checkout:

1st class signed for

2nd class signed for

standard 1st class

standard 2nd class


we are currently unable to accept returns, however if there is a problem with your order please do contact us asap and we will do all we can to correct this for you where applicable.


We accept payment via credit/debit card and PayPal.

We now accept Clear Pay! Pay in two-weekly instalments available at checkout!


What does ethically sourced mean?

We strive to ensure that as many of the crystals we sell are ethically sourced as possible, and do our best to find suppliers who support this. Being ethically sourced means that no workers in the mines are working in unsafe working conditions, are not being treated unfairly or paid unfairly and that no child labour is involved. Unless we are out in the mines in Brazil where we source our crystals, we can not confirm this 100% ourselves, BUT we do have a good relationship with our supplier who visits regularly and has made good relationships with the workers in Brazil, & they have our full trust. 

Do you handmake all of your products?

all of our products (except the crystals of course) are handmade by either Amy or Billie. 

Amy is our jewellery girl who sits for hours making earrings, necklaces, bracelets and much more! Amy also is passionate about recycling old or existing jewellery and giving it a new lease of life!

billie on the other hand creates all of the homeware items including the prints, resin and jesmonite products!

we do of course meet in the middle and create a mix of other handmade products such as tshirts, tote bags, we create crystal sets for different ailments together and we have a lot more coming soon!

are your products eco-friendly?

We are working behind the scenes to become more eco-friendly when it comes to our products and packaging. we are a small business and so we will be making changes slowly and surely, but we are heading in the right direction.

as you may also be aware, resin in not an eco-friendly product and we are now edging more towards jesmonite homeware products (jesmonite is an eco-friendly form of resin) so you may see resin less in the next coming months as we make this transition.

what is the goal for hocus pocus apothecary?

we have had so many conversations regarding this topic, and it is so absolutely clear to us that we want to have a one stop shop for everything witchy, mystical, celestial and spiritual. We are looking to expand into lots of different areas including bath/body products, spell jars with natural herbs, crystal packs, home fragrance and lots more... if one day we own our own little shop down a cobbled road with a cauldron in the window, we wouldn't be happier!

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