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Black and Grey crystal necklace packaged and laying on a wooden background
A cluster of black crystals sitting on a wooden desk
A pink box of incense sticks which reads Positive Vibes
Crystal shaped trinket tray with crystals placed on and around it


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About Us
About Us
Our female founder Amy dressed in a black and purple dress smiling and standing amongst trees

Amy is the proud owner of Hocus Pocus Apothecary, a mystical haven that caters to those seeking the magic of crystals, oracle cards, and bespoke crystal jewellery. From a young age, at 13, I have been reading oracle cards, honing my intuition and spiritual connection. Part-time witch and full-time crystal lover, I weave my expertise and passion into my craft, creating a magical haven for all things witchy. Hocus Pocus Apothecary is the ultimate destination, a one-stop shop where fellow seekers can embrace and enhance their magical journey!

Our female founder Amy smiling at the camera whilst holding a potted plant
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